The Spanish Biker is  for all aspects of motorcycling and their ‘aficionados’ in Spain. It includes travel advice and guidance, including practical tips of eating and drinking and accommodation, the geography and climate of the Iberian Peninsula (and beyond!) riding hints and tips both on and off-road, listings of sports and events, including biker’s rallies, product news and reviews (especially home produced or what is and is not available while on the road), news updates and a summary of the laws. I hope you like the site and that it is useful – above all I hope to help bikers appreciate the country they are riding through and to make their experience that bit more special!

In short, The Spanish Biker is about all that’s best in this biker’s paradise – and how to enjoy it!

Cresting the pass into the little known Lavansa valley - hidden away in the Catalan Pyrenees - is of the pleasures of biking in Spain!

Cresting the pass into the little known Lavansa valley – hidden away in the Catalan Pyrenees – is of the pleasures of biking in Spain!The Brits abroad?

This blog is definitely not aimed solely at a British readership – nor for those with English as their first language for that matter. But I am British and inevitably some idiosyncracies may creep in to the content – so please tell me if there is a term or phrase that is unclear! Also, I have tried to avoid reference to British terms, culture, etc., but this does mean having to be long-winded at times; for instance I could use, “The Spanish ITV is the equivalent to the MoT”, but what does ‘MoT’ mean to the American, German or indeed Spanish reader? So I have to write transport ministry roadworthiness test  – which is almost as bad as saying it! Likewise it would be easy to describe parts of the Sistema Iberico mountains as being ‘like Scotland’s Great Glen – what use would that be to the Australian rider deciding which end of the Continent to visit?

Zen and the art of motorcycle riding

This blog is not aimed solely at those old enough to remember the time when no bookshelf was without its copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Catch 22, together with a favourite YES Album always to hand to roll up a you-know-what. But it is about the art of travelling, taking life and all its experiences to the full. So that’s why there’s a bit more to the blog that just roads, routes and riding hints; Spain is a fascinating country to ‘discover’ – in the fullest possible way: food, wines, culture, music – and the best biking on the planet – no doubts about that!

I hope you like the blog – please use the feedback page for any comments, both positive and negative, as well as ideas and suggestions.