Day 1 – perhaps?

Tuesday, June 28th.

Blog-log: Kilometres from ‘Go’: 400.8.

Location: Camping Port de la Vall, Port de la Selva

What a day, what a ride! As I write this it’s nearly midnight and I’m at a camping at Port de la Selva – just a few kilometres from Cap de Creus and the ‘beginning’ of my tour!


  • the Port de Cantò on the N260 between Sort and La Seu d’Ugell. I did this run just we week ago with a gang 0f bikers from the Pyrenees. As i still had my uselessly defunct shock I hung out with the Harley brigade  – no offence but I can’t imagine how they ride their bikes – but they d0 get all the pretty girls!
  • The coll d’Ares between Ripoll and Ceret (France): the scenery here is absolutely stunning – a word I’ll have to improve upon when I’m less tired. But stunning it is – I must talk to Briftrog on the ADV rider forum about which Pyrenean peaks I saw – I really thought they we really over by then – maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the high and l0w perspective that d0es it – Oh gosh I really am tired!
  • the ‘corniche‘ over the French/Spanish border from Port Vendres to Cadaques: again Britfog warned that tis would be full of tourists -and I know this from further south on the Costa Brava – but I had it all to myself. awesome is n0t the word! That’s why I’m staying here at Port de la Selva – a natural break of sorts – I cannot describe this at the moment – too dramatic – and the camping has just turned the the lights out!

Those were my thoughts of last night (Tuesday June 28th). This morning, after a really good night’s kip the world seems a better place by far! The camping, which I’d thought was a rip off, provided me with an amazing green salad to take out to my tent – which I badly needed after a weekend blow-out!

Furthermore – having insomniac tendencies – I had a lovely early morning walk along the recently installed coastal path and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Cap de Creus. OK, not the cape itself but the peninsular on which it is located! I’ll be heading off to the place itself after my second cup of tea – Trangia stove working to perfection on the notoriously windy Costa Brava!

Finally another highlight – I got the timing right for the Collada de Toses road (N260) between Puigcerda and Ripoll. Normally this gets clogged with camper vans and delivery trucks avoiding the toll through the cadi tunnel. But I was there during the siesta and had it all to myself – apart from a Polish rider on a 1200 GS – looking super cool in what appeared to be an armour plated tee-shirt – how do those GS’s do it? It’s like the bumble-bee; in theory theses things shouldn’t be able to fly, but clearly they do – they certainly do!

There wasn’t much time for photography, but  a few for the album:

On the road at last!
The Pas de la Casa out of Andorra almost made up for the pain of going through the country itself. Sadly the Coll de Puymorens was a sorry disappointment!

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