Day 7: Blink-blank

Monday, July 4th  Blink – blank

Blog-log: Kilometres from ‘Go’: 1770.9 (none ridden today).

Location: Ciudad Lineal, Calle Alcalá, Madrid.

1770.9 none

Not surprisingly I was unable to resist Patrick and Lola’s hospitality and stay another night on their very luxurious sofa – not to mention the impact of a night out in Madrid on the haggard rider’s frame!

So there’s nothing to note for this report apart from a passing remark about the value of love and friendship; there’s simply nothing more valuable!

Having said that I began to have my vision of the end of the world as, after getting to bed sometime on the wrong side of 2.00 am I got up at six for an early start on my mission (see Day 8) only for Patrick to stumble out and carry on our endless conversation, which began when we ‘met’ on a forum about four years ago! My ‘vision’ resembles the final moments in the sinking of the Titanic, but instead of the string quartet playing on to their doom there’s Patrick and I  still jawing away on subjects (chosen at random from my recollections) such as: the rate at which people blink; is there a standard? – the similarity between philosophers and shrews; their vitriolic hate for members of their own species – excessive bank charges in Spain; their impact of the European Union’s economy – terms, phrases and sayings; the danger of translating them between English and Spanish – and, our favourite, palliative concoctions for the pain felt after eating Pimientos de Padrón, the wickedly potent green peppers served as a popular tapas throughout Spain!


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