Day 16: Life’s a Beach!

Wednesday , July 13th Muros.

Blog-log 3748.3 (none ridden today!)

Location: camping San Francisco, Louro, Galicia.

It seems strange that I should choose to have a rest day so close to the end of the tour part one – it was less than a hundred kilometers to Cap de Turiñan. But I was shattered and literally had to recharge my batteries. But bearing in mind that I had stumbled across the camp site from paradise at San Fransicso and the weather looked glorious I decided to turn my back on the tour. But I did manage to catch up on some of the blog in the bar after breakfast. But I couldn’t bear to hang around indoors all day so I betook myself to the beach, which the tourist guide pamphlet had told me was, “Occupación – Muy Alta”, no translation necessary I assume!

The perfect white sands of the Rias Baixas are legendary in Spain. Praia San Fransisco - note the 'Gallego' for 'Playa'!

The beaches here really are fabulous – and in fact once the holiday season really gets going from the Fiesta of Santiago Apóstol at the end of July I guess the Playa de San Fransico will be heaving! White sand, clear water – freezing! In fact most of the coast is a little bit spoilt by rather tacky sporadic development, which was why I wanted to be at Muros. But the beaches themselves are fine and there are reefs and lagoons within walking distance of Louro as well as quieter coves – many of which are naturist beaches.

I dropped the bike reaching the viewpoint for this image and broke the front brake lever - I hope it was worth it!

Apart the usual maintenance the only bike stuff I did was chat to the couple who’d helped me find the camping last evening. They were touring Spain in a similar route to my original plan; starting at Irun on the French/Basque border and then visiting al the cardinal points, Cap de Turiñan included, where that had been yesterday. They are not usual at all – most young Spanish bikers have sports machines and go on holiday by plane like normal people do! What was usual with them is that neither lived in their home town, she was from Madrid and lived in Valladolid while he was actually Greek and had lived in Spain for about four years. He was keen to know about riding in Britain, where he wanted to visit a cousin in Cardiff – I’ll have to get my mate Barcelona Pat onto that one – he’s from The Valleys!

Although motorcycle touring is relatively uncommon in Spain, riding to Spain's furthest extremes is a sort of Right of Passage for Spanish bikers - not dissimilar to the challenge of the Land's End to John O' Groats voyage in Britain. There is very limited availability of aftermarket accessories and I was often asked about the kit and clobber I rode with!

Muros itself was just a few kilometres walk away and did me proud with free tapas at every bar . . . walking home was another matter – but I slept well!

The camping San Fransisco is seriously ideal - the view from the bar, naturally!

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Life’s a Beach!

  1. Hi Simon
    Riding in the UK is easy if you have a right hand drive bike! he he.

    Wales boasts some of the best biking roads in the UK – but I’m not sure any of them connect with Cardiff. City is well worth a visit / stay though – then a quick 20 minute blast north up the A470 will get you into more scenic and bike friendly country – then enjoy!

    Only advice to Spanish riders is to watch out for traffic cameras (on traffic lights and for speed), particularly around towns. There are just so many more of them in the UK.

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