Day 22: recuparation and some running repairs – to the human frame this time!

Tuesday, July 19th

Blog-log: Kilometres from ‘Go’:  5098.4 (none today)

Location: Casa Gustavo, nr. Potes, Cantabria.

One reason I needed to touch base was that I’d lost a filling – all that octopus in León – and my friend Lisa at casa Gustavo had kindly twisted a few arms to get me an emergency appointment at the dentist – no mean feat during the holiday season. But it meant I was grounded for the day apart from a brief sojourn into Potes, ‘capital’ of the Picos. I’ve been there nearly twenty years ago and found it very ‘touristy’ then – it’s more so now but does serve the very useful purpose of keeping most of the worse aspects of the Picos’s popularity in one place, leaving the rest for the more adventurous explorers. I’ve nothing against popular tourism – we’re all tourist one way or another after all – and I cheerfully admit to being one of those who wandered around the Picos at the top of the Fuente De cable car in my sandals – espadrilles in fact, which is even worse!

Potes is lovely - it reminds me of small towns in Snowdonia - tourist trap of my childhood!

It should be said that Potes is also a living town and I found essential supplies, such as meths that actually burns (see camping guide) and, obviously, a dentist!

But it is touristy!

In the meantime it was great to be in good company among friends – a somewhat daunting experience after so many weeks alone! – and a welcome change to catch up on some sleep and plan a great ride out the following day.

Getting a cat 'fix' is all part of feeling at home!

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