Day 24: the Spanish Biker’s fan club!

Thursday, July 21st Casa Gustavo.

Bloglog: No riding today

The day was dull, I’d done my planned ride around the Picos the day before and the WiFi worked in my bedroom – so I spent the entire day sitting up in bed with the Mac, Marmite sandwiches with real Cheddar cheese – thanks Lisa – and totally enjoyed myself!

In the evening I caught up with the Suffolk branch of The Spanish Biker’s fan club. Andy and I had been following each other’s progress around Spain and Portugal for some weeks and we finally coincided at Potes somewhat to our mutual surprise! In fact my extra rest days at Casa Gustavo and an accident in Portugal were responsible for our time in the Picos overlapping.

The two couples, Andy and Gosia, and Winky and Sarah had been down to the Faro bash and were on their way back to the Bilbao ferry. Their campsite was at Turieno just outside a kilometre or so from Potes and Casa Gustavo is about the same distance in the opposite side, so an alcohol positive meeting was possible! This latter being the reason that neither Andy nor I remembered to take a snappy of this historic event despite both of us bringing our cameras specifically for the purpose!

It was good to talk some bike talk – the merits of modern tyres/brakes, bikes owned in the ’70: Kawasaki KH series three cylinder 2-strokes (Winky) Ducati singles (me), terrible riding conditions in Portugal (Winky and Sarah had been knocked off their bike in a hot-and-run incident in Coimbra, the place I hated so much!) – and to have a wander around Potes from bar to bar. Although in fact we only had a couple of beers before I had to head back to a pre-arranged barbecue and left the Suffolk brigade looking for a restaurant – no shortage in Potes at reasonable cost as far as I could see. And we’d also been able to find a mountain equipment shop to buy warm clothing for their walking trip into the Picos on the Fuente De cable car – hint: get there before 10.00 to avoid the queues! – scheduled for the next day.

I guess the main point of this post is to stress that Potes is a really useful base to explore the Picos. With the one caveat about the N 261 road (see Day 23) you can’t fault Potes, plenty of accommodation, plenty of good shops, bars and restaurants and ‘extras’ such as mountain guides if that’s what you want. A nice place.


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