HISS Catalonia, Spring 2013: the ‘Official’ video

This took a lot of work in the making but was a whole lot of fun!

Despite the dreadful weather we all had a great time 🙂

The straight link will have to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qfNNb2qOOo


2 thoughts on “HISS Catalonia, Spring 2013: the ‘Official’ video

  1. If anyone is thinking about booking up a HISS trip, just stop thinking and do it!! We had a brilliant time in the Pyrennees in May this year, and with cheap Spanish beer and food, plus a great campsite, the whole thing was one of my most memorable holidays. I struggled to spend any more than half the money I took with me. Simon is really well organised and helpful. All you need is an off-road type bike, some kit and a tent. The route maps are great and the views spectacular. The riding is at whatever pace you prefer, whether an off-road novice or a Dakar entrant – there’s something for everyone. Highly recommended! Dave

    1. Hi Dave, Glad you enjoyed! Did you want your stash in Euros or Sterling – the usual brown paper envelope of course! Well, your comment is so favourable folks are bound to think there’s a kick-back 🙂

      Meanwhile, I’ve just arrived at the Aragon location – although at a very wild camp site that only opens in high summer. To get here I crossed the Loa Monegros desert on trails at midday – fool! – so now I’m glad to be in a deep, deep forest site at about 1500 metres – post tomorrow when I0’ve recovered a bit methinks!

      Cheers and thanks

      PS I really am only joking about the money, I know Dave had a great time – couldn’t stop him smiling!

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