About Us

Clearly we’re not ‘Spanish’ but after living here for twenty years – since 1997 – we’re pretty much immersed into the culture and lifestyle. I was also a teacher and Polly is a geographer and between us we’ve written three books and several articles about Spain, its history, geography, culture …

But we were bikers 100% from the beginning. After a long line of British (Triumph, of course) and Italian iron (Ducati singles, Laverda) during what I’ll call the Sex-and-Drugs-and-Rock’n’Roll period in the ‘seventies by the time I met Polly in 1980 I had a trusty Suzuki 500 GT with which to sweep her off her feet. I didn’t even have a car licence until The Age of Responsibility was heralded with the mortgage – the first of five! – and sky high interest rates – up to 17%! – meant that the bike(s) had to go.

Apart from a brief interlude in the early ‘nineties with a Dnepr outfit (which I rode down to leave at our holiday cottage the Pyrenees in 1991 – while Polly added to her driver’s licence collection by passing her test on a friends fantastic Kawasaki ‘boy racer 125!) I only really came back to biking in 2009 after celebrating both my 50th birthday and getting the ‘all clear’ after a life threatening illness.

Coming back to bikes after twenty odd years was somewhat traumatic, albeit in a mostly positive way, like having brakes that actually worked and tyres that gripped in the wet …

I had also become a bit of an internet forum addict and quickly found my way to the Horizons Unlimited HUBB where before long I stared keeping notes to answer the numerous questions about the more obscure aspects of travelling here, e.g. rules about wild camping, riding on trails, etc. I’d already dabbled with blogging and was familiar with WordPress so I put these on-line and used links for reference to save time. I also owed a debt of thanks to the numerous bikers who gave me so much as advice and encouragement while I was on a very steep learning curve – and so, during a bout of ‘flu in the winter of 2011/12 I put it all together in a blog and The Spanish Biker was born!