Trip & Track off-road Rally Event – Aragon, April 2018

I’m working with to promote and help in general with this event – I was at the inaugural back in 2014 – one of the best days I’ve ever had!

TRIP & TRACK ARAGON is a non-competitive off-road navigation event for teams of three riders. The event consists of three or four day long stages, has four categories and three navigation formats. The routes are up to 80% off-road and require suitable motorcycles of at least 140 kgs weight.

The event is held under ‘rally’ conditions but is strictly non-competitive. It is located in the Aragon region of Spain and includes sections its three provinces, Zaragossa, Huesca and Teruel, with overnight stops in all three but starting and ending at the luxury Hiberus Hotel in the historic city of Zaragoza.

What is it?

Since the first Trip & Track in 2015, which was for one-day only, the event has evolved into its present three-four days but retains its ‘classic’ format that has made it one of the most popular trail riding events in Spain. As with the original Trip & Track event teams consist of three riders following day-long pre-determined stages, will full mechanical and recovery back-up and evening meals included in the registration fee. New for 2018 we will be transporting riders’ luggage to the overnight stops in the cities of Huesca and Alcañiz.

The Trip & Track registration of made as flexible as possible, with bed and breakfast accommodation available in the selected hotels at varying rates according to room occupancy and leaving the option open for riders to find their own accommodation should they so wish.

Despite these changes, the TRIP & TRACK retains its core philosophy based on collaboration – as opposed to competition – adventure, overcoming obstacles and companionship, and especially respecting for the environments through which we ride.


For 2018 there will be four Categories of participants, based on size and type of motorcycles, all of which will be required to have at least 80% off-road tyres such as the Pirelli Scorpion. The Main Route, for the TRAIL and DAKAR SERIES bikes is 80% off- road whilst the DUAL SPORTS and a TRAIL LEGENDS AND SCRAMBLER Categories follow trails that avoid the more extreme trail sections of the Main Route and are 60% off-road.


Specifically designed for big trail bikes with two or more cylinders and weighing more than 200 kgs. Trails that avoid the extreme sections of the main route are specially selected for this type of bikes, but with 60% of each stage still being off-road.

TRAIL Category

Specifically designed for trail bikes of minimum weight of 140 kgs that follows the main route stages with 80% off-road.


Designed for ‘enduro’ bikes that are prepared for rally conditions that includes large capacity fuel tank and fairing suitable for holding a road-book unit, which is the mandatory format for this Category.


This Category includes trail or converted street bikes of more than 25 years old and contemporary ‘Scrambler’ style bikes, either current models or trails bikes that are converted to this form.


All participants who wish may form a team to have their own mechanical assistance at the end of each stage, where space is available to set up temporary workshops.


There are three Navigation Formats, these should be specified on the Registration Form.

  • GPS Navigation System
  • TRIPYTM Navigation System (for rent)
  • Continuous Paper Roll for Road-book NB the DAKAR SERIES uses only the Road-book System

    Note that at least one bike per team must carry a satnav device irrespective of the Navigation Category.


Stages for the TRIP & TRACK Aragon 2018 are itineraries starting and ending at the fabulous Four-Star Hotel Hiberus in the historic city of Zaragoza. The actual routes of each Stage are kept secret until the event briefing but the start and finish points are as follows:

  • Stage Zero, Thursday: Zaragoza – Zaragoza (MARATHON)
    This stage is only for the MARATHON, i.e. four-day, format and forms a loop around the arid ‘bad lands’ near the capital. Incudes dinner at the Hiberus hotel.
  • Stage One, Friday Zaragoza: Huesca (MARATHON and CHALLENGE)
    Starts at the Hiberus hotel going to Huesca city, the provincial capital, via part the Los Monegros ‘desert’ region and a spectacular section of the Pyrenees called the Mallos de Riglos. Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel Pedro I.
  • Stage Two, Saturday: Huesca – Alcañiz (MARATHON and CHALLENGE) Departure from Huesca and crosses the heart of the Monegros desert to Alcañiz, home of MotorLand. Accommodation and dinner at the Hotel Ciudad de Alcañiz.
  • Stage Three, Sunday: Alcañiz – Zaragoza (MARATHON and CHALLENGE) Leaves Alcañiz heading back to Zaragoza. Accommodation and special celebration dinner at the Hiberus hotel.REGISTRATION

    This includes the dinners, assistance along the routes, transport of overnight luggage (airline-style cabin allowance), souvenir Tee-shirt and a welcome pack.

    Friends or companions who are not participating in the event are welcome at a reduced price. Lunches are not included in order to speed up the stage average.

    MARATHON BASIC – 4 days of Stages € 370.00 MARATHON COMPANION – € 160.00 CHALLENGE BASIC – 3 days of Stages € 330.00 CHALLENGE COMPANION – € 130.00

    All prices are per person.

    MARATHON in shared double room (5 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 220.00
    MARATHON in single room (5 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 350.00

CHALLENGE in shared double room (4 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 170.00
CHALLENGE in Single ROOM (4 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation)– € 265.00

NB all prices are per person.

In the MARATHON format, the reception of participants will take place on Wednesday, April 25th with briefing, welcome pack and dinner included in the basic registration.
In the CHALLENGE format, the reception of participants will take place on Thursday, April 26th with briefing, welcome pack and dinner included in the basic registration.

To register yourself or your team in English, please send an email to

It is also possible to book directly on the Trip & Track web page (only in Spanish language version)


HISS next week – OMG!

Vet busy multitasking today as I’m finishing the Field Guides and hope to have all the printing done by lunchtime …

Danger – map geek at work (with added Radio 4 from the BBC and the mandatory mug of tea! 

At long last I’ve been up to day keeping records of all of the trails – all 1,295 kms of them! – and new for 2017 a section of the best road routes in the area, which tot up to another 950 kms.

I’m also adding in POI’s, some amazing places for photography! 🙂

New formats for HISS events and dates for your diaries!

The HISS events have been going from strength to strength this year but we are of the believe that unless you’re moving forward you’re standing still, and if you’re standing still then you’re falling backwards …

So during the summer we’ve been in ‘thinking caps’ mode and we’re devised two new HISS ‘formats’; HISS Challenge and HISS Big Tread that will run alongside the original idea, which will now be called the HISS v1, and after talking through these with the guys and gals at the HISS here in Catalonia in September we’ve decided to go ahead … (thumbs)

[b][strike]HISS v1: [/strike][/b]this is the time honoured, known and loved HISS at our summer base, Camping Collegats here in the Catalonian Pyrenees. There’s no change here apart from the date, which is in June next year. The ‘HISS v1’ maintains the ‘Veterans’ loyalty bonus scheme of 50% discount – remember that since January 2016 there are no ‘new’ Vets!

[b]HISS Challenge:[/b] this will be happening at a completely new location to the south and east of Teruel. As the name suggests the emphasis is on ‘technical’ trails, of which there are many more in the new zone than both the former Aragon HISS trails and in the Pyrenees! The venue is at a ‘new’ camping – it’s only been open for three years – which not only has bungalows and motel style rooms for those who don’t ‘do’ camping but also has a function room for our exclusive use during the HISS. This has tables, whiteboards. etc. for planning, holding briefing sessions, etc. as well as some kitchen facilities and secure place for charging phones, camera batteries, etc.

[b]HISS Big Tread: [/b]again at a new venue, another camping with bungalows and a function room. This one is located within the old Aragon HISS territory but, like the Challenge site, is only fifteen minutes from the A-23 motorway that runs from Zaragossa to Valencia. As the name implies, the idea is for a HISS specifically geared up for large bikes and less emphasis on ‘technical’ trails. The big difference is that as well as having new trails in a much extended area, the HISS routes will include road sections so that riding days make the best of both worlds – the area has some of the very best roads in Spain – that is to say, the World! (thumbs)

As before the format of the HISS is essentially the same: no teams, no competition, no prizes, etc. just lots of fun …

The other change, reflecting the cost that so many people face trailering or vanning their smaller bikes to Span, is that the HISS v1 and HISS Challenge events will run back to back, so that folks can do the two together.

[b]Dates for your diaries:[/b].

HISS v1: June 12 – 16th at Camping Collegats, La Pobla de Segur, Lleida

HISS Challenge: June 19th – 23rd at Camping Casa Fausto, Formiche Alto, Teruel

HISS Big Tread: September 11th – 15th at Camping Las Corralizas, Bronchales, Teruel

NB – all sites have also offered participants a discount. Details to follow.

[b]Fees:[/b] £150 per bike/rider, passengers, loved ones, children and dogs – yes, we’ve had these! – come free.

As mentioned above the new HISS events do not attract the Veteran’s discount but there will be a 10% discount for riders attending the v1 and Challenge together as well as a 10% discount for couples with a  bike each – note that only one discount applies!

Making a difference – sponsored ride for Cancer Research

It’s about time I started posting again so what better motivation than to help promote Graham Lampkin’s epic ride through Spain and France on his 1960 vintage Royal Enfield trials bike!

Over the winter we’ve been working out his itinerary from Santander to the Pyrenees, passing through majestic scenery, some of Spain’s best and most famous trails and, er, as many towns whose name begins with ‘L’ as possible!

Do check out Graham’s site: Lampy goes to L and back – get the ‘L’ joke! 🙂 – for the full story or you can donate directly via his entry on the Just Giving fund raising platform.

Screen shot 2016-04-13 at 10.34.22 AM

HISS Rallies 2014

H.I.S.S. – High Intensity Sojourns in Spain

Both rallies in 2013 were a great success despite somewhat disappointing attendance figures. Everyone had a great time, including ourselves, plus it seemed that everyone got what they were looking for. As with everything, however, there were lessons to be learned both from the extremely useful comments made at the events and subsequent feedback both from people’s trip reports and private mails. In addition Mrs S and I kept our eyes and ears open during the events themselves.

So, bearing all this in mind we are going to run both the Catalonia and Aragon HISS rallies again next year at the same venues but with some important differences and improvements, the most obvious being the dates, with Aragon at the start of summer and Catalonia at the end of the season:

Aragon: June 16th to 20th 2014
Catalonia: September 1st to 4th 2014

These dates are chosen to fit around local conditions, weather, day length, etc. plus things like fiestas and holidays that impact both the accommodation and, believe it or not, the likelihood of ‘sharing’ the countryside with large numbers of local excursionists. There are also issues around nature and wildlife, in Catalonia the red deer are numerous and during the rut, which happens in late September and early October, are a genuine hazards on some of the most popular trails. On the other hand, I may be able to get permits to ride some trails that are prohibited due to their proximity to rare bird nesting sites – by September, these may literally have flown 🙂

I’ve also chosen the dates to fit my own timetable as experience shows that many riders arrive the day before and leave the day following the rally, so the rallies offer five days riding – although in fact most people took a rest day and another reason for moving into the summer is that tourist facilities like white water rafting, pony trekking, etc. are fully available then. So Mrs S and myself have to be able to get to the locations for the Sunday before and not leave until the Saturday after, not an easy call!


I’ve ended up heavily of our pocket on the year despite the fact that most of the work was already done for the Catalonia rally the guides cost a small fortune to have printed – not helped by the small number of copies – as did the guides for Aragon, which were larger format. But the big cost was the three trips I made to Aragon, one in October 2012 with Mrs S in company for the preliminary reconnaissance (I’m not counting my earlier visits that were part of my Tours of Spain in 2011 and 12) and two visits this year, each of two weeks duration, when I rode almost all of the trails. But both rallies are going to be extended for next year so yet more costs will accrue, so I’ve devised on a ‘rolling’ price scheme which I think is fair to everyone.

There are three ‘Membership’ tariffs:

1) £50 for a first HISS rally attendance. This ‘membership card’ includes a .pdf file of rally notes, riding guides, hazards specific to Spain, rules and regulations, etc. plus a check-list of essentials such as documentation, health cover, insurance, etc. which is mostly common sense but always bears repeating and is useful for riders who haven’t ridden trails in Spain or even ridden abroad at all – as has been the case on several occasions.

2) £25 for any attendance at subsequent rallies. This ‘loyalty card’ includes a route guide updated from the previous time (see below for guides) and personalized notes for itineraries and routes that either weren’t covered before or take into account personal preferences, e.g. historic sites, restaurants, etc (see below for more on this too). Note, this ‘membership’ also applies to those who were at the first HISS in 2012 🙂

3) The VIP Playboy club – or Playgirl as the case may be J This is a free ‘life membership’ for any rider who has volunteered to help reconnoiter a HISS rally in the past. Note that this is not just a case of an afternoon out while you’re passing through on another trip but an actual commitment and doing what I need to have done. The current members of the Club are Phil-in-France and Mr X for their contributions to the first HISS and beyond, plus a special ‘Good Bunny’ platinum membership card to Tramp for his invaluable help with mapping and understanding Satnav’s!


The guides will be in A4 sized bound folders and include maps, co-ords for start, finish and key waypoints, i.e. only those where the trail is ambiguous, otherwise riders should follow the obvious main trails, a description of how to find the subsequent trail and a list of the trails that either coincide or are close by, plus notes on POI’s, fuel, eating and drinking holes, etc.

Experiments with A5 and smaller sizes make the guides difficult to use despite being easier to carry. I’ll print one guide for every four riders plus some spares (HISS rallies don’t have teams but ride out in groups that constantly chop and change, electing ‘leaders’ and navigators as they go – three rallies has proved that this idea works well, see my generic notes on how HISS rallies work for more on this). GPS files are available but shouldn’t be used without the guides as some inaccuracies are inevitable, given the sheer amount of data. Regarding the GPS: to follow the trails Satnavs with ‘tracks’ function will be needed to follow trails, but road going Satnavs are OK to find the start and ends of the trails, bit with the caveat that these will tend to lead people completely astray – again I stress that it is essential to read the guide! Read throgh the various ‘Official’ Rally reports topics on ABR forum for examples of these.


The arrangements for the 2013 Aragon rally were so successful I’m going to reassign the Catalonia routes along the same lines, i.e. into distinct areas with ideally two itineraries, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise. In each case I tried to make one itinerary free of difficult sections for novice riders and/or big bikes. This worked but for some riders who thought the other itinerary would all be ‘technical’ rides, which was not the case. Instead I’m going to add special sections for those who want really challenging rides. These will be readily accessible from both sets of itineraries and often link other individual routes.

These sections will be ready for the Catalonia HISS as I know most of them even though some are too touch for me to ride – especially alone! – so these will be a ‘genuine’ challenge as well as helping groups chose their own plans for the day’s riding – it’s worth re-stating here that my itineraries are as much to do with ordering the trails clearly for people who don’t know the geography (very important in Aragon where the terrain is extremely disorientating!) rather than existing to be followed to the letter. Again, the idea of the HISS is to ride where the fancy takes you, but to know there a trail available where and when you want it!

Another innovation is that I’m going to include itineraries for the best road sections. This is in part because some of Spain’s best roads are found in the HISS locations – and that’s saying a lot! – and these are also often essential to get to some of the more distant trails, especially in Aragon where the HISS ‘territory’ is huge (and will be much more extensive in 2014) – groups had no difficulty in riding long distances in Aragon – 150-200 kms per day on trails was the norm, but riders found that they had a long way home on boring roads whereas if they had used the back roads well this wouldn’t have happened.

In Catalonia the situation is rather different bit I’m going to add a whole new region, just to the south and still very mountainous, which will incorporate some spectacular road rides. Between these additions and the POI’s (see below) I hope to give much more scope for choice.

Places of Interest:

At the Catalonia venue I’m going to include a few dozen POI’s, i.e. castles hermitages and other historic sites, plus, natural phenomena like rock ‘bridges’ caves, viewpoints, accessible summits, etc. Although most of these will be included in the routes this list will serve as a summary to help folks who like an objective chose their trails but I’ll also ascribe points to each based on difficulty of access etc. so if anyone wants to make their own ‘navigation event’ they can use these. All of these will be genuine places of interest, with a few notes about the history, geology, etc. as opposed to just being a few code numbers attached to trees, road signs etc. NB this will purely be a private thing between individual groups of riders, I will adjudicate but I stress that I’m not going to organize any kind of competition!

If this proves popular I’ll try to do the same for subsequent Aragon rallies as I’ll make note of these on this year’s exploration visits in April/May and on the rally itself in June – in fact if there is enough interest in advance I will try and get some ready for this June. I already have some; cave paintings, abandoned villages, ‘camps’ used by partisan guerillas during and after the Spanish Civil War, etc, as well as the usual castles, hermitages and so on. So please tell me if you want this.


As before, registration is simple. Just mail me from the Contact page on my The Spanish Biker website, giving your ‘given’ full name – for the camp site’s records, which have to match your passport – an ‘avatar’ or nickname for use in public, plus a non-refundable deposit of £10 to secure your place. It’s also handy for me to know your personal name, e.g. Chris, Dave, Dogbreath, or whatever (There have been quite a few!) that you use amognst your friends J

I’ll make a lost of attendees on specific topics on the ABR forum so riders can contact each other by PM or on the topics themselves. In extreme circumstances I’ll pass messages between riders who aren’t on that forum, but note I will never pass on email addresses on ‘round robin’ messages, which I try to avoid using anyway.

Please note that this is not an ‘official’ ABR rally, I just use their forum to keep things in one place – the HISS rallies get discussed in several other forums, four to my certain knowledge and possibly more – and I very much appreciate ABR’s support in my using this facility.