Trip & Track off-road Rally Event – Aragon, April 2018

I’m working with to promote and help in general with this event – I was at the inaugural back in 2014 – one of the best days I’ve ever had!

TRIP & TRACK ARAGON is a non-competitive off-road navigation event for teams of three riders. The event consists of three or four day long stages, has four categories and three navigation formats. The routes are up to 80% off-road and require suitable motorcycles of at least 140 kgs weight.

The event is held under ‘rally’ conditions but is strictly non-competitive. It is located in the Aragon region of Spain and includes sections its three provinces, Zaragossa, Huesca and Teruel, with overnight stops in all three but starting and ending at the luxury Hiberus Hotel in the historic city of Zaragoza.

What is it?

Since the first Trip & Track in 2015, which was for one-day only, the event has evolved into its present three-four days but retains its ‘classic’ format that has made it one of the most popular trail riding events in Spain. As with the original Trip & Track event teams consist of three riders following day-long pre-determined stages, will full mechanical and recovery back-up and evening meals included in the registration fee. New for 2018 we will be transporting riders’ luggage to the overnight stops in the cities of Huesca and Alcañiz.

The Trip & Track registration of made as flexible as possible, with bed and breakfast accommodation available in the selected hotels at varying rates according to room occupancy and leaving the option open for riders to find their own accommodation should they so wish.

Despite these changes, the TRIP & TRACK retains its core philosophy based on collaboration – as opposed to competition – adventure, overcoming obstacles and companionship, and especially respecting for the environments through which we ride.


For 2018 there will be four Categories of participants, based on size and type of motorcycles, all of which will be required to have at least 80% off-road tyres such as the Pirelli Scorpion. The Main Route, for the TRAIL and DAKAR SERIES bikes is 80% off- road whilst the DUAL SPORTS and a TRAIL LEGENDS AND SCRAMBLER Categories follow trails that avoid the more extreme trail sections of the Main Route and are 60% off-road.


Specifically designed for big trail bikes with two or more cylinders and weighing more than 200 kgs. Trails that avoid the extreme sections of the main route are specially selected for this type of bikes, but with 60% of each stage still being off-road.

TRAIL Category

Specifically designed for trail bikes of minimum weight of 140 kgs that follows the main route stages with 80% off-road.


Designed for ‘enduro’ bikes that are prepared for rally conditions that includes large capacity fuel tank and fairing suitable for holding a road-book unit, which is the mandatory format for this Category.


This Category includes trail or converted street bikes of more than 25 years old and contemporary ‘Scrambler’ style bikes, either current models or trails bikes that are converted to this form.


All participants who wish may form a team to have their own mechanical assistance at the end of each stage, where space is available to set up temporary workshops.


There are three Navigation Formats, these should be specified on the Registration Form.

  • GPS Navigation System
  • TRIPYTM Navigation System (for rent)
  • Continuous Paper Roll for Road-book NB the DAKAR SERIES uses only the Road-book System

    Note that at least one bike per team must carry a satnav device irrespective of the Navigation Category.


Stages for the TRIP & TRACK Aragon 2018 are itineraries starting and ending at the fabulous Four-Star Hotel Hiberus in the historic city of Zaragoza. The actual routes of each Stage are kept secret until the event briefing but the start and finish points are as follows:

  • Stage Zero, Thursday: Zaragoza – Zaragoza (MARATHON)
    This stage is only for the MARATHON, i.e. four-day, format and forms a loop around the arid ‘bad lands’ near the capital. Incudes dinner at the Hiberus hotel.
  • Stage One, Friday Zaragoza: Huesca (MARATHON and CHALLENGE)
    Starts at the Hiberus hotel going to Huesca city, the provincial capital, via part the Los Monegros ‘desert’ region and a spectacular section of the Pyrenees called the Mallos de Riglos. Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel Pedro I.
  • Stage Two, Saturday: Huesca – Alcañiz (MARATHON and CHALLENGE) Departure from Huesca and crosses the heart of the Monegros desert to Alcañiz, home of MotorLand. Accommodation and dinner at the Hotel Ciudad de Alcañiz.
  • Stage Three, Sunday: Alcañiz – Zaragoza (MARATHON and CHALLENGE) Leaves Alcañiz heading back to Zaragoza. Accommodation and special celebration dinner at the Hiberus hotel.REGISTRATION

    This includes the dinners, assistance along the routes, transport of overnight luggage (airline-style cabin allowance), souvenir Tee-shirt and a welcome pack.

    Friends or companions who are not participating in the event are welcome at a reduced price. Lunches are not included in order to speed up the stage average.

    MARATHON BASIC – 4 days of Stages € 370.00 MARATHON COMPANION – € 160.00 CHALLENGE BASIC – 3 days of Stages € 330.00 CHALLENGE COMPANION – € 130.00

    All prices are per person.

    MARATHON in shared double room (5 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 220.00
    MARATHON in single room (5 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 350.00

CHALLENGE in shared double room (4 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation) – € 170.00
CHALLENGE in Single ROOM (4 nights with bed & breakfast accommodation)– € 265.00

NB all prices are per person.

In the MARATHON format, the reception of participants will take place on Wednesday, April 25th with briefing, welcome pack and dinner included in the basic registration.
In the CHALLENGE format, the reception of participants will take place on Thursday, April 26th with briefing, welcome pack and dinner included in the basic registration.

To register yourself or your team in English, please send an email to

It is also possible to book directly on the Trip & Track web page (only in Spanish language version)


HISS next week – OMG!

Vet busy multitasking today as I’m finishing the Field Guides and hope to have all the printing done by lunchtime …

Danger – map geek at work (with added Radio 4 from the BBC and the mandatory mug of tea! 

At long last I’ve been up to day keeping records of all of the trails – all 1,295 kms of them! – and new for 2017 a section of the best road routes in the area, which tot up to another 950 kms.

I’m also adding in POI’s, some amazing places for photography! 🙂

The Spanish Biker web page gets a new look!

It’s been a long time overdue but we’ve finally found some time to totally rebuild the site with a new theme. We’re also drawing more attention to the commercial side – now that I’ve ‘retired’! – and will be systematically reviewing all of the guide information as some is now obsolete. The latter will now be under the ‘Book’ chapter.

Some gentle exploration!


Making a difference – sponsored ride for Cancer Research

It’s about time I started posting again so what better motivation than to help promote Graham Lampkin’s epic ride through Spain and France on his 1960 vintage Royal Enfield trials bike!

Over the winter we’ve been working out his itinerary from Santander to the Pyrenees, passing through majestic scenery, some of Spain’s best and most famous trails and, er, as many towns whose name begins with ‘L’ as possible!

Do check out Graham’s site: Lampy goes to L and back – get the ‘L’ joke! 🙂 – for the full story or you can donate directly via his entry on the Just Giving fund raising platform.

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