We enjoy working in partnership with others. Sometime for financial gain, volunteering are aiding charities and good causes.

  • The Horizons Unlimited HUMM Sierras de España is thenlocal version the world renowned navigation events. We’ve worked as Event Partners with Grant and Susan Johnson since 2016, when the HUMM came back to Spain for the first time since 2010. This time in the amazing Gúdar and Javalambre mountain ranges near Teruel in Spain’s little known Sistema Iberico.
  • The Trans Euro Trail – TET for short – is new on the block. It’s the brainchild of John Ross and is based on the work of numerous volunteers who have contributed their local knowledge to create this unique project. Each country has a ‘Linesman’ who co-ordinates information about their country and is available via email and Facebook to answer specific questions. In the case of Spain there are two Linesmen, Isaac Felui and your truly, as not only is the country huge with its stunning and diverse landscape but it is also the most popular destination not only for its climate, which is very varied north-south, but it is also the bridge to Morocco