Booking and Prices

Booking: use the Contact Form in the first instance for any enquiry.

Bookings for HISS Events are individual but for the Made-to-meaure and RB5 rides a ‘Lead’ person must be the point of contact and is responsible for making payments on behalf of their groups.

The HISS Events

Fees for all HISS Events are £125 and there are various discounts available: a 25% ‘roll-over’ discount for riders attending both v1 and Challenge events, which take place during adjacent weeks, and two ‘loyalty’ discounts, a ‘Veteran’s Discount’ of £50 available at the v1 only and to attendees of the HISS events up to 2016 and a generic £10 discount available to anyone who has been to a HISS from this date applies to all HISS events.

Made-to-measure Events start at £150 per person, with a minimum booking for £450. But as of the sixth, eleventh and sixteenth rider the prices from by £15 increments for everyone, i.e to £135, £120 and £105 per person. There’s a limit to twenty-one riders for Made-to-measure-meetings and there may be a surcharge depending on the accommodation the client chooses.

Larger groups or corporate functions are p.o.a.

Payment for HISS Events is 100% to confirm with a 50% refund for cancellations up to six weeks before the event. Anyone cancelling after that time will get no refund but will be considered a ‘Veteran’ for future HISS Events.

Made-to-measure Events require a non-refundible deposit of 50% of the original booking, i.e. from the minimum booking @ £450, i.e. £225, or 50% of the agreed fee for larger groups booking form the start, e.g. 12 riders @ £120 per rider = £1440, hence confirmation deposit of £720.

The final payment is due six weeks before the Event and is based on the final amount – if the numbers increase each rider pays less so the full amount is recalculated, plus any agreed expenses for additional support services, e.g. on trail 4×4 assistance.

Payments are made to our UK high street bank account – these can be by Internet banking or at a branch by cheque or cash.

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