Pyrenean crossings

I’ve selected the Pyrenean crossing routes on the basis of ignoring the ones that are too boring for the biker! Two categories of these: at each end the range begins to peter out, so ‘crossings’ are really nothing more than local roads – no drama at all! secondly: the major trunk routes on the very centre, although some are fairly good riding in themselves, pale into insignificance when compared to other routes nearby. But I have put these in the map with routes right through to the Autovías in Spain and the Autoroutes in France because they are useful if you have to get home in a hurry – but they are very boring!

For similar reasons I’ve ignored Andorra completely. The principality is OK if you want to go shopping or are a tax evading millionaire, but otherwise it’s a really big no-no. And you won’t save time because every vehicle is stopped at the customs!

As with the Trans-Pyrenean route, I’ve made a very arbitrary distinction between ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ routes. What this really means is that heavy bikes would have, in my humble ‘O’, a bit of a hard time on these very steep and bendy roads – but you can ride a Gold-Wing (Sp. Gold-ing!) anywhere, or so they say – enjoy! For this reason the green routes are quite short. But in all cases I’ve continued them on as far as the Trans-Pyrenean routes and sometimes beyond.

Note that the all three categories of route converge through the Val d’Aran – four if you count the off-road trail. The fact is that the Val d’Aran itself is a pretty awful place, quite destroyed by tourism, second home ownership and all the rest – but that’s just the way it breaks folks!

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