Trans-Pyrenees: Girona to Pamplona

The route starts at the beginning of the C25 ‘Eix de Catalunya’ trunk road which links the east and west of the Autonomous region while avoiding Barcelona. Instead of following the trunk road onto the A2 autovia, which is heavily congested as well as being rotten riding, there is a handy rat-run along the L-303 and LV-3025;  the latter doesn’t appear on Satnavs and was hard work to snap onto the route using Google as it is a Via Local, but in fact it’s been substantially improved over the last year, by-passing several villages and with a lovely sinuous trajectory – and hardly any traffic!

NB During 2011 major road works affect the C25 while the road is converted to dual carriageway – all the overtaking lanes are closed  and slow trucks make this section very tiresome!

There’s a bit of jiggery-pokery around the town of Balaguer that looks worse than it is and then a straightforward run on to Binefar where the route rejoins the national highway system on the A22/N240, where new sections of Autovia are opening all the time, to Huesca.

From Huesca it’s important to stay on the A132 (here the ‘A’ stands for ‘Aragon’ not Autovia!) rather than go up to Jaca on the A23, a truly horrible choice! After splendid pass through some fine Pre-Pyrenean gorges the route returns to civilisation in the form of the N240/A21. This road is also being converted into an Autovia bit by bit.

The route ends at Pamplona where it’s equally possible to seek fast routes to Santander (via Bilbao) or the French border at the coast beyond San Sebastian.

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