‘Ace’ rides!

The idea of these rides is to highlight the crème de la crème of biking – simple as that. To qualify ride have got to be more than good, they’ve got to be perfect: road surface (or lack of it for off-road riders!), visibility, safety features like the chance of encountering herds of goats around the next corner – that’s no joke, believe me! In short, rides that make a deviation of a route definitely worth doing – although in most cases, like the one below, the ride is in a fabulous area for biking!

NB I remind readers that the legal speed limits must be adhered to at all times!

To get the ball rolling here’s Ace ride #1 (shame about the low resolution image – I’ll have to make my own video of these days!):

A few key points:

  • Although the classification of this road is at the low-level, almost a country lane, in fact the standard is quite high, much better than its more ‘major’ neighbours; this is a good example of the point I make in ‘The road network’ chapter.
  • This road has been significantly improved recently – note the cuttings have been ‘sculpted’ to improve visibility and that the drains alongside are shallow. Normally in Spain road drains are deep, with almost vertical sides. But over the last few years new improvements have the effect of widening the roads as cars and especially trucks and tractors can drive in these drains – a big safety improvement for us biker!
  • There are only a few entrances to fields, lanes, etc., and none to stockades where herds of sheep and goats are kept – this is a really important point!
  • This rider was on a Kawasaki Z 1000. Much to large and powerful I should say and he seems to be struggling. My BMW G650 is perfect for this road, although in tis case I’d like to have something like a Ducati Monster or Aprilla Shiver!
  • Yes, that is snow lurking in various sheltered spots!

I always try to make more of a ride by adding extensions, ideally a circuit – in this case a figure of eight is possible. This route also touches a branch of the Tran-Mediterranean and I’ve added this section from the coastal highways in case anyone in a hurry wants to take a break from breathing diesel fumes!

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