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The idea of this is quite simple – it would be great to accumulate a whole ‘database’ of rides recommended and explored by readers of this blog. I’ll work on getting a form to complete with details, but in the meantime just use the ‘Ace’ rides example as a model, send me a mail and I’ll put it all in! Readers rides don’t have to be ‘Ace’ rides, and can include log distance routes. But for shorter rides here are some quick guidelines:

  • Brief description of the ride – about 50-100 words – including why you recommend it, the bike you used and what bike you would like to use.
  • An image or video: images should be .jpg or similar sized to 750 wide and files should be no larger than 1GB, preferably smaller.  Videos have to be an embed code, e.g. Youtube
  • Half a dozen or so useful or interesting bullet points about the ride – no more than 100 words each
  • A Googlemap of the ride: I think it’s best if I create the map and invite you as a collaborator so that you can make it – but if Googlemaps leave you tearing your hair out I can do it if you make your direction clear enough!
  • It’s useful to add a route to the ride, e.g. from the Mediterranean coast, so that folks can think about making a detour
  • An optional follow-up paragraph of up to 250 words
There are some rides you've just got to pass on to your mates - the Port de la Bonaigua in the Pyrenees

There are some rides you've just got to pass on to your mates - the Port de la Bonaigua in the Pyrenees

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