Recommending trail routes is difficult because both the physical and legal landscape is constantly changing. Physically the trails are prone to ‘improvement’ which in the worst case is simply being covered with asphalt, which not only renders them useless for trail riding but often very unpleasant for road bikes as the road surface is often raised considerably and deep drainage channels are the norm. There are also few passing places and visibility is often poor around bends, hills, etc., so encounters with other vehicles passing at speed can be traumatic to say the least.

Legally the situation depends vary much on the laws pertaining to each of Spain’s seventeen ‘autonomous’ regions as well as ongoing changes in the law – which seem to make access more difficult at every pass. For further details on this vexing topic check out the regulations, which is as up to date as far as I can keep up to date with these complex issues.

As for routes themselves, as well as various published guides check out my entries on Wikiloc. These are a selection of my favourites as well as a some extracts from the Spanish Biker’s HISS events, which as a rule have about 5-600 kms of trails arranged in itineraries around a given location.

For more trails look through the commercial sites like Vibraction but note that these routes tend to be well on the beaten track – nor are they very up to date, see above.

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